2012- ongoing

Talking About Art While Pooping is an interview series that asks people to discuss the way in which they curate their bathroom. This is it's simple premise, from there it's a discussion about aesthetics, art production, taboos, neurosis, humor. Poop is the end product of processing, of consumption. In addition to the interviews TAAWP is a blog of all things abject.

The term abjection literally means “the state of being cast off”. In usage it has connotations of degradation, baseness and meanness of spirit; but has been explored in post-structuralism as that which inherently disturbs conventional identity and cultural concepts” - Wikipedia

You can find the interviews here: TAAWP.com

One theme that occurs in the interviews is the desire to create an uncomfortable space with the confrontational gaze of an artwork. These artworks are there to deny privacy in the one place we demand it. The knowing stare. The accusing stare.

1. Jill Klienhan’s stuffed piranha. The piranha is located on the counter to the right rear of the toilet.
2. Lee Escobedo’s clown portrait. The painting is located directly in front of the toilet.
3. Michele Jaquis’s photo of individuals looking through windows. The photo is located directly behind the toilet.
4. Tom Bliss’s stained glass Mary. The stained glass image is located to the front right of the toilet.

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